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Hello , kalimerra ,I invite you to wach the pictures of this magnificient country which is Crete:


Who would be a better guide than Hermes, the traveller's god with his hat and with his winged sandals,to guide you  in this sunny island which spreads out from the blue of the sea,so limpid with its creeks,its beaches,its olive trees,its orange trees and where the prettiness  of the dwellings reassure you.

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Oh! Hermes would you prefer that I show on this map the different places where the pictures have been taken:

At first in the west part there is: the  Phalassarna a vast beach in a superb landscape, Akrotiri,Aptera,Elafonisi,Imbros,south coast, Hania ( or Xania or La Canee)where it is very pleasant to walk in the small streets and around the harbour.Not far from here is Kalyves  which is  a pleasant place to stay and from where it is easy to explore this part of the country.Rethymnon is an attractive old town with a venetian  fortress.Lake Kournas,with tranquil water,is surrounded   by mountains, and then you are going to reach the lovely Argiroupoli village.

In the central part of the island,the Arkadi monastery,founded in the XI century,is revered in cretan history.The large Phaistos minoan site,Knossos where the minoan site was discovered by Evans,Heraklion the capital,with the venitian harbour  the rich archaeological museum and the Morosini fountain are very interesting.

In the east  is Elounda with its palm trees by the harbour, the Spinalonga island and then Mochlos close to the sea and the mountain.Just by this small island  where american archaeologists are working on the minoan site.The lovely Sitia with its small harbour is not very far from the Toplou monastery with patio and windmill.The Lassithi table-land is where just a small number of windmills can still be seen working . Ierapetra,surrounded by greenhouses growing tomatoes,has an interesting harbour.Oh! Hermes, please don't forget the cretan flowers...they are so beautiful and they give unrivalled scent.

Oh ! please,show us quickly now the pictures... perhaps at first would you prefer  this short view of Crete  (click here) and then  the photos, or the diaporamas, or the video of these magnificent places.

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