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  http://www.grecomania.net/                                        web site where there are a lot of useful informations about Crete .

Guide des hôtels

 http://www.hotelrea.gr/index.htm the heart of Heraklion.familial hotel in Heraklion  where we are very welcome

 http://www.routard.com/                                               useful to prepare the travel

http://guidenoushermes.com                                       on the way back watch photos of Rome,Marocco,Pyrenees .

http://andalousie.guidenoushermes.com                   photos of Alpujarras and Ronda

http://ilesgrecques.guidenoushermes.com/santorin    Photos of Santorini island

http://www.dracacci.com/                                            genealogy families dracacci,lapeyrade.